A.M.R. - A major cause of concern under Covid-19
A.M.R.- A major cause of concern under covid-19

A.M.R.- A Major Cause of Concern under Covid-19.

A.M.R. – A Major Cause of Concern under Covid-19.

A.M.R. is a major cause of concern under the Covid-19 pandemic. There are possible chances of overuse or misuse of antimicrobial drugs. Moreover, the Covid-19 infection may weaken the body, for the resistant strains to takeover. This may add to the already- Serious threat of A.M.R. (Antimicrobial resistance) – the world is facing.

What is A.M.R.?

A.M.R. (Antimicrobial resistance) is the development of resistance to antimicrobial drugs by microbes. Microbes are microorganisms that surround us and are present in our bodies. Some of the microbes are essential- useful and some are harmful. A few of the types are- bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, etc. These microbes become resistant to antimicrobial drugs, against which previously they were effective.

Why A.M.R. is a major cause of concern?

Developing resistance to, treating antimicrobials by microbes (A.M.R.) is a major cause of concern. As it poses a threat to progress made in the field of medicine. A.M.R. is making our previously, effective drugs- non-effective, resulting in making treatment more complex, and even common illnesses difficult to cure. Thus we as humans are being pushed into the era from where we started our progress in the fields of medicine.

A.M.R. is a global threat– as the pipeline of antimicrobial agents to treat serious ailments is almost dry. Due to A.M.R. the progress made by modern medicine to treat various infectious diseases by antimicrobials may go waste. Resulting in the treatment of infections being very difficult.

What is the impact on global health due to A.M.R.?

  • App 2.4 million people could be forced into extreme poverty due to A.M.R.
  • It is predicted that an estimated 0.7 million annual deaths due to A.M.R., May rise to 10 million by the year 2050.

A.M.R.- A major cause of concern under Covid-19
A.M.R. A major cause of concern under Covid-19

As per Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (W.H.O Director-General):- “Antimicrobial resistance may not seem as urgent as a pandemic, but it is just as dangerous. It threatens to unwind a century of medical progress and leave us defenseless against infections that today can be treated easily.”

A.M.R.- Antimicrobial resistance
A.M.R. – (Antimicrobial resistance)

What is Covid-19?

Covid-19 is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2). It was discovered in 2019. After that two more strains are found. At the end of 2020 new strain was found in England. It is believed to be nearly 70% more transmissible. Another variant was found in South Africa. It is also believed to transmit more easily. But it does not cause serious illness. For more details about – Coronavirus spreading and multiplication. Please click on https://maansisurvivalaidfoundation.com/coronavirus-spreading-multipication/

For more reading – How to differentiate Covid-19 headache from other headaches? Please click on https://maansisurvivalaidfoundation.com/how-to-differentiate-covid-19-headache-from-other-headaches/

Why A.M.R. is a cause of concern under Covid-19?

The world is facing Covid-19 as a pandemic. But we are not paying due attention to A.M.R. in the same way as we are paying attention to Covid-19. A.M.R. is a major cause of concern under the Covid -19 pandemic. In the U.S. alone there is an app. 2.8 million cases of A.M.R are reported every year. More than an app. 35000 people die due to A.M.R.

The resistant strains of microbes (superbugs) thrive in hospitals and medical facilities. The possible risk of getting infected from superbugs is always there for patients visiting these places for treatment ranging from minor illnesses to complicated surgical operations. Patients, who already suffer from viral infections like- Influenza, S.A.R.S. (severe acute respiratory syndrome), Covid-19 {severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 -SARS-CoV-2}are more at risk of getting infected due to superbugs.

According to C.D.C. (center of disease control and prevention) during the H1N1 ( a viral infection) pandemic in the year 2009 an app. 3,00,000 people died all over the world. Out of these, apps. 29% to 55% of cases of death were due to secondary bacterial pneumonia. Viral infection may weaken the body. making it easy for the hard-to-treat bacterial infections to take over and making the treatment complex and difficult.

Covid-19 patients during treatment may get secondary bacterial infections, which may be hard to treat. Thus putting Covid-19 patients more at risk of getting infected by resistant strains of microbes. Which may further aggravate the already alarming situation of A.M.R.

While the vaccine has been developed. But it will take time to reach up to the masses. It is also very important to remain prepared for the serious impacts of the Covid-19 outbreak on the development of A.M.R. It is predicted that inappropriate and overuse of antibiotics, biocides, and disinfectants during the pandemic may raise serious effects on antibiotic stewardship programs and A.M.R. control all over the world.

A.M.R.- A cause of concern under Covid-19
A.M.R.- A cause of concern under Covid-19

What are the possible reasons for A.M.R.?

The possible reasons for A.M.R may be:-

  • Indiscriminate and unnecessary use of antibiotics.
  • Not following the complete dosage regimen as prescribed by a medical practitioner.
  • Using antibiotics by self-diagnosing, without consulting a medical practitioner.
  • Due to the inappropriate use of antibiotics in the veterinary and agriculture sectors. Drugs are entering our food chain and water bodies, which is further aggravating the situation. And making Antimicrobial resistance one of the top threats to global health. For more details- About Antimicrobial resistance (A.M.R.) – One of the top threats to global health. Please click on-https://maansisurvivalaidfoundation.com/antimicrobial-resistance-one-of-the-top-threats-to-global-health/

Facts to be considered for controlling A.M.R.:-

  • App. 50% or more antibiotic prescriptions are inappropriate across several continents.
  • App. 75% of Indians think incorrectly that cold and flu can be treated with antibiotics.
  • App 62% increase in the use of antibiotics in India between 2001 to 2010.

Thus improper and unnecessary use of antibiotics must be curbed.

According to Dawn Sievert, senior science advisor for antibiotic resistance at the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),” Since the emergence of Covid-19, collected data have shown an increase in antibiotic use, even though most of the initial illnesses being treated have been from covid-19 viral infection.” he further said, ” The resulting increased exposure to healthcare settings and invasive procedures, along with expanded antibiotic use, amplifies the opportunity for resistant pathogens to emerge and spread.”

Steps to prevent A.M.R.

  • Antimicrobials are to be used under the guidance of healthcare providers only. The dosage schedule must be followed.
  • The leftover antimicrobials should not be shared or used.
  • Proper hygiene must be maintained to avoid the possible risk of infections. Like- Washing hands with soap and water, Sanitization, Maintaining cleanliness, Maintaining social distancing, Preparing and consuming food in hygienic conditions, Avoiding stale food, avoiding close contact with sick people, Drinking clean water, practicing safe sex, etc.

Wishing all to be in a healthy state. Please consult your healthcare provider for treatment.

For awareness purposes only.

Preventing A.M.R.
Preventing A.M.R.
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