Antimicrobial resistance-one of the top threats to global health.

Antimicrobial resistance-one of the top threats to global health.

Antimicrobial resistance-one of the top threats to global health, being faced by humanity. In America alone, every year approximately 2.8 million people get infected by microbes that are resistant to available antimicrobial drugs. And at least around 35000 people die due to antimicrobial resistance.

What is antimicrobial resistance?


The development of resistance by microorganisms, to those antimicrobial drugs, against which previously they were sensitive is called antimicrobial resistance (A.M.R). One of the main causes of antimicrobial resistance is the improper use of antimicrobial medicines. When antimicrobial medicines are used some of the microbes die but few microbes develop the ability to defeat the drugs designed to kill them. They develop resistance, survive, and multiply. The overuse and or misuse of antimicrobial agents leads to antimicrobial resistance.

How antimicrobial resistance is a threat to global health?

Antimicrobial resistance enables microbes to continue to grow and multiply. The infection caused by microbes that are resistant to antimicrobial drugs becomes difficult to treat and may lead to further complications. Antimicrobial resistance does not mean that body has become resistant to antimicrobial drugs. but it due to microbes that develop resistance towards antimicrobial drugs.

Antimicrobial resistance-one is the top threats to global health. It can affect people of all age groups all over the world. It can create an impact on the health care, veterinary, and agriculture industries. that makes it one of the most urgent healthcare problems- needing immediate attention. Many medical procedures like joint replacements, organ transplants, cancer therapy, surgical operations, and treatment of chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma are dependant on the use of antimicrobial drugs to treat possible infection risks.

Antimicrobial resistance – A Global concern.

Antimicrobial resistance- One of the top threats to global health

Antimicrobial resistance-one is the top threats to global health. It has been warned if appropriate measures are not taken to prevent indiscriminate use of antibiotics, it will be difficult to treat even treatable infections like Tuberculosis (T.B.) Pneumonia, urinary tract infections (U.T.I.), etc. And the progress made to date for the treatment of various ailments may go to waste. For more reading- A.M.R.- A major cause of concern under Covid-19 <<= Click here.

Due to the inappropriate use of antibiotics in the veterinary and agriculture sectors. Drugs are entering our food chain and water bodies, which is further aggravating the situation. And making Antimicrobial resistance one of the top threats to global health.

Impact of antimicrobial resistance in India.

In India, antimicrobial resistance is a major point of concern. India needs to curb the overuse of antimicrobial drugs because:-

  • The bacterial disease burden worldwide is highest in India.
  • A large portion of the population is suffering from diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. These diseases make persons prone to infections.
  • About 40%of children are malnourished and have greater risks of infection.
How to prevent the risk of Antimicrobial resistance?

The best way to avoid the risk of antimicrobial resistance is the protection from infections, strengthening immunity – For more reading about building strong immunity the Ayurvedic concept Please click:- And adopting lifestyle changes to avoid risks of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc. which makes the body prone to infections. The following few precautions can be taken:-

Self use of antimicrobials should be avoided to prevent antimicrobial resistance
  • To control antimicrobial resistance, one must stop the self-use of antibiotics and other antimicrobial drugs.
  • Antibiotics or antimicrobials must be used under consultation with medical practitioners only.
Antimicrobial drugs must be used under consultation with healthcare providers
  • Recommended therapy regimen, as suggested by the medical practitioner must be followed.
  • Regular washing hands at regular intervals can prevent possible risks of infections. Currency notes may also carry infection, therefore washing hands with soap after handling currency is advisable.
  • Avoiding touching the mouth, nose, eyes to protect yourself from the possible risk of infection. ( Usually, a person touches his/ her face 23 times in an hour). To read more please click on the link
  • Getting vaccinated.
  • Preparing food hygienically at home and consuming within two to three hours after cooking.
  • Avoiding close contact with sick persons, practicing safe sex.

Wishing all to be in a healthy state.

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