Ayurveda – An holistic approach to a healthy life on the planet earth.

Ayurveda – An holistic approach to a healthy life on the planet earth.

W.H.O. Recognizes Ayurveda as the traditional medicine of India. Ayurveda is holistic science being practised for more than 5000 years in India and is considered as the mother of all healing systems. From the eighth decade of the 20th century, it has again started gaining momentum to take care of global health due to its qualitative strength and taking care of all essential elements of health.


Ayurveda mainly concentrates on the management of lifestyle disorders, which are prominent due to stress-related problems and some other reasons. Ayurveda cures diseases by suggesting lifestyle changes, strengthening the body immunity system utilizing herbs.

According to ancient books of Ayurveda:-


In Charak Samhita, the main aim of Ayurveda is described as:-

“Ayurveda not merely being a system of medicine, but a way of life”

In Sushruta Samhita, the definition of health is described as:-

” He / She in whom, the dosas ( body humour), Agni (digestive power), dhatus (tissue), malas (waste products) and their activities are normal, his/her soul, sense organs and mind are calm and clear is called svastha (healthy person)”.


Ayurveda ensures physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing by suggesting preventive and promotive approach as well as treating illness with a holistic approach.


Ayurveda is gaining popularity all over the globe, because modern medicines, lack the cure for chronic diseases and have associated side effects. Global humanity is looking towards Ayurveda as an effective and safer alternative to restore good health, due to its systematic approach to cure and prevent ailments using natural resources.


In India, more than 500 million people, use Ayush medicines. More than 100 countries have regulations for herbal medicines. World wide Ayurvedic industry is worth app. 3 billion us dollars which are poised to be an app. $ 5 trillion by the year 2050.

Wishing all a healthy disease-free life.

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