Ayurveda- Basic principles and benefits.

Ayurveda provides a deep knowledge of life and how to live in harmony with surroundings. It does not merely focus on treating symptoms, It treats the root cause of the disease and suggests lifestyle changes to maintain good health. It is an Indian healing system, that is more than 5000 years old. Ayurveda remained suppressed for almost 200 years but has regained its reputation.

As per Ayurveda, good health is defined as a balance between body, mind, spirit, and surroundings. Ayurveda emphasis maintaining harmony with nature, suggesting lifestyle changes, and the use of natural resources as herbs.

Basic principles:-

  • Everything living and non-living in this universe is made up of five basic elements- Fire, Earth, Water, Space, and Air.
  • There is a deep connection between body, mind, spirit, and universe.
  • Our health depends upon maintaining a connectivity balance between ourselves, people surrounding us, the environment, and the universe.
  • We remain healthy If we retain balance interacting with our environment in an effective and wholesome way.
  • Our improper lifestyle choices about diet, physical activity, profession, and relationships can create an impact on this initial balance to get it disturbed.
  • This imbalance causes, lack of harmony, disturbs our immunity, and makes us susceptible to diseases.
  • We as human beings are responsible for adopting wrong lifestyle choices and actions. Good health can be maintained by keeping balanced choices and promoting connectivity and harmony with nature.

Benefits of adopting Ayurveda:

  • Adopting an active lifestyle, exercising, adequate skin exposure, appropriate treatment (based on individual body constitution and imbalanced doshas) and emotional well-being, help to maintain the balance between body, mind, spirit, and surroundings to maintain good health.
  • Ayurvedic treatments improve digestion, which increases appetite (fire) and immunity to remain protected from diseases.
  • Ayurveda helps, regain health, with balanced dietary guidelines, effective sleep patterns, use of herbs, daily and seasonal routines, yoga and exercise patterns.
  • Ayurveda helps to increase concentration levels. It focuses on practicing yoga, meditation, use of herbs with adequate sleep to remain balanced mentally and spiritually.

Ayurveda provides complete knowledge of life. It suggests healthy lifestyle habits, which facilitate healthy life physically, emotionally spiritually- the natural way.

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