Ayurveda- Natural way to a healthy life

Ayurveda- Natural way to a healthy life.

Ayurveda means the knowledge of life. It is the combination of science and the art of healthy living. Ayurveda demonstrates- a natural way to a healthy life. It tells us extensive natural ways of healing that work on illness and improve the overall wellness of body and mind. Ayurveda mainly concentrates on the management of lifestyle disorders, which are prominent due to stress-related problems and some other reasons. Ayurveda cures diseases by suggesting lifestyle changes, strengthening the body’s immunity system, and utilizing herbs.

W.H.O. Recognizes the Ayurveda healing system as the traditional medicine of India. Ayurveda is holistic science being practiced for more than 5000 years in India and is considered the mother of all healing systems.

What is the aim of Ayurveda?

The aim of Ayurveda- According to ancient books of Ayurveda is:-

In Charak Samhita, the main aim of Ayurveda has described as “Ayurveda not merely being a system of medicine, but a way of life.”

What is Health?

In Sushruta Samhita, the definition of health is described as ” He / She in whom, the dosas ( body humor), Agni (digestive power), dhatus (tissue), malas (waste products) and their activities are normal, his/her soul, sense organs and mind are calm and clear is called svastha (healthy person)”.

Ayurveda ensures physical, mental, social, and spiritual wellbeing by suggesting preventive and promotive approaches as well as treating illness with a holistic approach.

How Ayurveda leads to a healthy life?

In Ayurveda- It is believed that our body is made up of five elements of nature- water, earth, fire, space, and air. These five elements combine to form three energies, called three doshas. These three doshas are- Vata, pitta, and Kapha. Everybody is made up of a unique combination of three doshas. As per Ayurveda, balanced doshas leads to a healthy life.

Ayurveda- Natural way to a healthy life. Balancing body doshas
Ayurveda- Natural way to a healthy life. Balancing body doshas

The balance between the doshas gets disturbed due to dehydration, anxiety, stress, low energy, or excessive exertion. Wellness turns into illness. Illness is an imbalanced state of three “energies” or doshas.

Ayurveda tells us the natural way to a healthy life by balancing our imbalanced doshas for maintaining and leading a healthy life.

How Ayurveda is beneficial for a healthy life?

Ayurveda possesses life-altering health benefits. Ayurveda offers extensive natural therapies and remedies for a healthy life. A few of the benefits that can be achieved by constantly following Ayurveda practices are:-

Reducing obesity:-

Ayurveda helps in reducing obesty- risk factors for many diseases.
Ayurveda helps in reducing obesity- risk factors for many diseases

Obesity is the risk factor for many diseases like- diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, etc. By consuming a healthy diet and making lifestyle changes as per Ayurveda- obesity can be controlled and a healthy B.M.I. (body, mass, index) can be achieved. Ayurvedic treatments help us to shed extra fat accumulated in our bodies. It helps us to detox our body through correct dietary restrictions.

Cutting down stress levels:-

Yoga helps in relieving stress
Yoga helps in relieving stress

Continuous stress levels may also lead to many health problems like- high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, headache, depression, low immunity, etc. By adopting Ayurveda practices, you can cut down stress levels. Regular practices of yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, massage, and herbal treatments allow your body to calm down, rejuvenate, and detoxify.

Yoga- improves the alertness of your mind by strengthening the autonomous nervous system. By practicing yoga- the mind becomes alert. And you will feel energized and are able to focus well.

Breathing exercises- Breathing exercise helps us to improve our oxygen level in our body. It strengthens our respiratory system. Practices like Shirodhara and abhyanga may help to treat depression and anxiety.

Taking care of inflammation:-

Ayurveda tells us to eat as per our doshas
Ayurveda tells us to eat as per our doshas

Inflammation is the root cause of many diseases like- arthritis, cancer, neurological disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc. Unhealthy diet and eating habits, insufficient and irregular sleeping patterns, improper digestion ( lack of or low levels of digestive fire)- may lead to inflammation.

Ayurveda tells us to eat as per our doshas. Which maintains the balance between our doshas and improves our digestion. Consumption of certain foods as per time suggested under Ayurveda- increases our vitality, empowers the body with optimum energy, decreases mood swings and lethargy. You will feel more active and energized by adopting Ayurveda, which is a natural way for a healthy life.

Ayurveda helps in preventing cancer of certain types. For more reading- How to reduce cancer risk with diet? <<= click on.

Turmeric and black pepper each possess health benefits. Curcumin- the compound present in turmeric and piperine- the compound present in black pepper may help in reducing inflammation and can help in improvement in the digestive fire. Piperine increases the absorption of curcumin by 2000%.

Maintaining blood pressure and cholesterol levels:-

Diets suggested in Ayurveda helps in reducing bad cholesterol
Diets suggested in Ayurveda helps in reducing bad cholesterol

Diets suggested in Ayurveda helps in reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) and improves the quantity of good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood. And may play a vital role in the prevention of the formation of plaque in the arteries- Atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the root cause of high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

Ayurveda herbs and essential oils may help in relieving the body from toxins through the skin and can improve the flow of blood. Abhyanga Massage with herbal oils is very useful.

Cleaning toxins from your body:-

Ayurveda massage helps in cleansing body of toxins
Ayurveda massage helps in cleansing body of toxins

The practices like panchakarma- elimination of toxins present in the body by enemas, oil massage, purgation, and other oral administrations helps in the elimination of toxins that interfere with the normal body functions and helps in maintaining a balance between the doshas.

A cleaned body with balanced Ayurveda doshas improves overall health and helps- in naturally- leading a healthy life. Ayurveda teaches us to use common home remedies like- ginger, cardamom, fennel, etc. to use in a specific way to relieve health problems like- indigestion and bloating.

Ayurveda- Natural way to a healthy life:-

Ayurveda tells us the natural way to a healthy life by following ways:-

Ayurveda- The natural way to a healthy life
Ayurveda- The natural way to a healthy life

Healthy lifestyle:- Ayurveda suggests healthy lifestyle changes, which when adopted in its totality helps you to lead a healthy life. Ayurveda facilitates us to reclaim our good health by suggesting balanced dietary guidelines, effective sleep patterns, daily and seasonal routines, herbal remedies.

Exercise:- Appropriate exercise and an active lifestyle with adequate daylight exposure helps in maintaining good health with a healthy mind.

Yoga and Meditation:- Yoga and meditation help us to relieve stress levels. It helps us to increase our concentration levels and recalibrate our mental and physical health.

Digestive fire:- Ayurveda treatments concentrate on improving digestion and increases appetite. It helps us to strengthen our immunity.

Ayurveda stresses a healthy routine like-

  • Do not skip breakfast, eat at regular fixed hours consuming a lot of seasonal vegetables and fruits. Eat dinner two to three hours before sleeping.
  • Avoid sleeping and waking up at late hours. Focus on good quality and quantity of sleep.
  • Drink optimum quantity of water.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking.
  • Maintain an active lifestyle.

Ayurveda is gaining popularity all over the globe. From the eighth decade of the 20th century. Ayurveda has again started gaining momentum to take care of global health due to its qualitative strength and taking care of all essential elements of health. Humanity is looking towards Ayurveda- as an effective and safer alternative to restore good health, due to its systematic approach to cure and prevent ailments using natural resources.

In India, more than 500 million people, use Ayush medicines. More than 100 countries have regulations for herbal medicines. World wide Ayurvedic industry is worth app. 3 billion us dollars which are poised to be an app. $ 5 trillion by the year 2050.

Wishing all a healthy disease-free and active life.

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