Breakfast eating A simple way to stay healthy

Breakfast Eating – A Simple Way to Stay Healthy.

A very simple way to stay healthy is eating a well-balanced breakfast to start our day. It not only provides energy to our body but eating morning breakfast prevents us from the risk of many diseases. To stay healthy we should include a habit of eating morning breakfast in our daily routine.

As per Jessica Crandall, a registered dietician and a spokeswoman for the academy of nutrition and Dietetics, “A lot of times, people think they know about nutrition because they eat,” She said, “but you need large bodies of science and research to what our bodies actually need.”

Morning breakfast can lead to good health. It has numerous health benefits. It is suggested that we should start our day with a healthy breakfast that can boost our energy for our activities during the day. Skipping breakfast may keep us hungry. And we may consume unhealthy food, which may lead to obesity, high blood pressure- A precursor to heart disease or stroke. As per a review in the Journal ‘Circulation,’ in 2017, there was abundant data to show the link between skipping breakfast and obesity.

Benefits of eating morning breakfast and staying healthy.

Eating Breakfast – Simple way to stay healthy

Eating a healthy breakfast is being favored by many scientists. Not only does it provide necessary nutrients but also takes care of other risk factors that may lead to the aggravation of health problems. A few benefits of eating a morning breakfast and staying healthy are:-

  • Breakfast consumption greatly decreases hunger and craving throughout the day, which decreases appetite and results in eating, the required amount of food only.
  • By consuming a high-quality breakfast, we get carbohydrates, essential for healthy brain functioning. Which improves memory, elevates mood, and reduces stress. Children and adults, who regularly eat breakfast perform better in comparison to people who skip breakfast.
  • As per a study conducted in 2010 and published in the critical reviews in food science and nutrition, it was stated that persons who consumed breakfast had reduced risks of obesity and had healthy B.M.I.
  • In comparison to people who regularly eat breakfast and people who do not eat breakfast, people who eat breakfast have a lower risk of type-2 diabetes and obesity. Which lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Eating breakfast boosts energy levels and restores glycogen levels ready to keep metabolism up for the day.

Risk factors of breakfast skippers.

Skipping breakfast is related to risk of health problems
Skipping breakfast is related to risk of health problems

Many studies have shown skipping breakfast is related to a higher risk of:-

Diabetes:- Eating breakfast facilitates steady blood sugar levels all over the day. It helps the prevention of insulin resistance in people with normal blood sugar levels. The development of insulin resistance may lead to diabetes.

Eating breakfast may prevent risk of diabetes
Eating breakfast may prevent risk of diabetes

As per Osama Hamdy, M.D. Ph.D., of Joslin Diabetes Center, “Don’t skip breakfast” if you have diabetes. He says when people with diabetes miss their morning meal, they are more likely to get low blood sugar, also called hypoglycemia. Hamdy says low blood sugar “is not a joke”. This is a dangerous scenario. “it can make you tired, anxious, irritable, or shaky. More serious symptoms include irregular heartbeat and seizures.

As per a study researchers from Germany, found that skipping breakfast once a week is associated with a 6% higher risk of developing type-2 diabetes. With 4 to 5 times, skipping breakfast per week, the figure rose to 55%.

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Heart health:- As per studies, it was found that a link exists between heart health and breakfast. The journal of the American college of cardiology in 2017 stated that people, who skip morning breakfast are at a higher risk of developing atherosclerosis (a health condition, when blood vessels narrow down or harden due to deposition of plaque, hindering blood circulation). It may lead to high blood pressure. High blood pressure on long durations may cause a heart attack or stroke.

Eating breakfast helps in maintaining heart health
Eating breakfast helps in maintaining heart health

Breakfast skippers had:-

  • App. 59% increased the risk of developing heart disease.
  • And more than triple the risk of stroke.

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Obesity:- Not eating breakfast may lead to consuming unhealthy food (like- high transfat or saturated fat food, high energy or added sugar or salt food) during the day. Which may lead to obesity or gaining weight.

Obesity may lead to increased risk for – high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, a certain type of cancer. It may also increase the risk of getting a Covid-19 infection.

Breakfast eating helps to reduce obesity
Breakfast eating helps to reduce obesity

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Thus eating breakfast is a simple way to stay healthy. As it provides the much-needed nutritious and healthy meal for starting the day. It is beneficial for people of all age groups. For adults, eating breakfast is beneficial as-

  • Eating breakfast provides the necessary vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.
  • It helps in controlling body weight to the optimum level.
  • It improves working performance.
  • It helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

Children who regularly eat breakfast get benefited as-

  • They have improved concentration levels.
  • They possess healthy body weights.
  • The nutrients required for a healthy body are fulfilled.
  • They have improved attendance at school.

It is important to adopt a habit of eating morning breakfast in our daily busy routine to stay healthy.

Wishing all a healthy life. For treatment please consult your healthcare provider.

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