Breakfast skipping may increase diabetes risk by 33%.

Breakfast skipping may increase diabetes risk by 33%.

Recent research has shown that skipping breakfast raises the chances of developing type -2 diabetes by 33%. In overweight persons, the risk factor of developing diabetes is even more. 


As per the Journal of Nutrition, according to the meta-analysis of data collected from 1,00,000 people, those who skip morning meals at least four times a week are at a 55% risk of developing diabetes.

Experts are of the opinion that skipping breakfast increases insulin resistance, which results in increased stress on the metabolic system. Which leads to type-2 diabetes. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it should be a balanced one. It should contain healthy protein, fewer carbohydrates, and the least amount of fats e.g. butter.

Skipping any meal repeatedly during the day puts the system under stress and makes the insulin hormone less active resulting in increased chances of diabetes.


It has been observed that at least 30% of people around the world are in the habit of skipping breakfast due to work-related stress.

Doctors are of the opinion that eating a balanced, on-time breakfast along with other meals helps in maintaining sugar levels.



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