Building strong immunity – The Ayurvedic concept.

Building strong immunity – The Ayurvedic concept.

Nature has provided all living beings – a defence mechanism, to protect from infections and we call it as the immune system. Ayurveda stresses on building our immunity strong to get prevention from infections.


As per Ayurveda, it requires all body functions to act at the optimum level, as good digestion with strong Agni (The metabolic fire), quality liver functions and a balanced endocrine system, which includes appropriately balanced hormones. Ojas plays an important role in making immunity strong. Ojas is a Sanskrit name and its meaning is vitality.

Ojas gives body strength, vigour, vitality, longevity, well being and immunity and is the positive subtle essence of Kapha (One of the three doshas or energies). Ojas is also seen as the end product of digestion and is present in all body tissues.

Strong Agni provides healthy Ojas, while impaired Agni hinders the production of Ojas. Ojas also gets affected by post-traumatic conditions, lifestyle choices, stress levels, quality of our relations and our overall consciousness. In fact, Ojas is affected by almost every aspect of life, thus affecting the immune system.

Ayurveda guides us on how to promote quality Ojas resulting in strong immunity. 


Healthy balanced diet results in strong immunity:-  Consuming healthy whole food, that is freshly prepared (with in 2 to 3 hours of cooking) and minimizing the use of stimulants, refined sugars and processed foods. Maintaining regular feeding habits, Eating foods that pacify imbalanced doshas, helps in building strong Agni – therby enhancing Ojas and resulting in strong Immunity.


Including garlic in the diet gives natural support to immune system. Garlic kindles Agni destroys natural toxins, Maintains normal body temperature, supports lungs and cleans excessive Kapha. It also destroys harmful bacteria, while preserving body natural bacterial flora.

Optimum sleeping hours:- Optimum sleeping hours as per individual body needs at regular timings play a vital role in building strong immunity. Sleep deprivations adversely impact immunity system.


Minimizing stress levels:- During periods of stress, the mind releases stress hormone- cortisol, thus suppressing the body immune system. Reducing stress levels helps in preserving Ojas and body immune system works at its optimal level.


Stress can also be relieved by following the acts of compassion, loving our surroundings, reducing our egos, helping others, reducing our anger etc. and that adds to building our immunity strong.

Adopting a healthy daily routine:-  Ayurveda suggests maintaining a healthy daily routine, that calms the nervous system and reduces stress levels resulting in protecting Ojas and maintaining immunity strong.


Regular appropriate body excercise:-  Adopting regular exercising regimen in daily routine helps a lot in relieving tension, getting emotional and mental energies, improves blood circulation. It activates Agni, improves digestion and assimilation, relaxes the body and promotes sound sleep thus enhancing Ojas and immune system.


Engage in supportive mindful practices:-  In Ayurveda, there is a number of therapies as Prayanama, Yoga, Meditation etc. which help to cleanse the nadis (subtle channels of the body), relieve stress and support quality of Ojas that ultimately results into the strong immune system.


Wishing all to be in healthy state.

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