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How Liver Cirrhosis is caused?

Liver cirrhosis is caused by long term exposure to toxins such as alcohol, drugs, medicines, or viral infections such as Hepatitis-B or Hepatitis-C. It is a chronic and terminal stage of liver disease. It involves the loss of liver cells and the scarring of the liver. The scarring of the liver is irreversible.

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What is Hepatitis- C?

Hepatitis- C is a Liver disease. It is caused by infection due to viruses called (HCV). The virus attacks the liver and leads to its inflammation. HCV virus infection remains hidden without the appearance of major symptoms. Symptoms appear after decades of infection when the disease become chronic.

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What are the effects of oversleeping?

The effects of oversleeping (hypersomnia) has been linked with many health problems. Which include diabetes, heart diseases, and increased risk of death. Although sleeping is essential for health. But sleeping too much is not considered as good for health.

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