Consuming snacks while watching T.V.Can be bad for health.

As per scientists, consuming snacks while watching T.V. Or playing video games by teenagers can have a bad impact on health. In the current situation of lockdown, due to the Coronavirus outbreak. People are spending their time at home.

It is stated, that teenagers, who spend hours watching T.V. using computers or playing videogames and eating unhealthy snacks are at increased risk of developing metabolic syndrome – a cluster of risk factors, that include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, excessive fat around the waist, that can increase the risk for heart disease, diabetes or stroke.

It is advisable to limit electronic screen time, or if it is not possible, one should avoid consuming unhealthy snacks, while spending time on electronic screens to avoid the risk of metabolic syndrome.

As per a study, it was found that those who spent six or more hours a day watching screens were 71% more likely to have metabolic syndrome, compared to those who spent less time in front of electronic screens.

It is suggested that we should limit our screen time or take regular breaks while working on electronic screens. And avoid consuming unhealthy snacks.

Since in the current situation, people are at home due to lockdown in many countries, we can reduce our stress levels and reduce screen timing by reading books, consuming a healthy diet, playing indoor games, practicing meditation and yoga for self upliftment and building our immunity strong.

Wishing all a healthy and happy life.

(For awareness purposes only).

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