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Diabetics with Covid-19 – Needs extra care.

As per a study published in The Lancet, Diabetes is the second most common comorbidity affecting 19% of Covid-19 patients. WHO-China joint mission on Covid-19 also stressed upon the same. Persons with diabetes should take extra precautions to stay away from infection. They should regularly monitor their glucose levels which may help them reduce the risk of getting Covid-19 infection.

The research published in Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome – Clinical Research And Reviews adds- “Excercise has been shown to improve immunity though it might be prudent to be careful and avoid crowded places like gyms or swimming pools,”

Precautions to be taken:-

  • Controlling and maintaining optimum sugar levels may help in reducing infection and can further reduce infection severity. It may also help in reducing the chances of secondary bacterial pneumonia.


  • Consuming a balanced diet with adequate protein, vitamins and minerals.


  • Exercising adequately.


  • Avoiding crowded places like malls, cinema halls, gym, swimming pools etc.


  • Vaccinating with flu and pneumonia vaccines. pneumonia vaccines may reduce the chances of secondary bacterial infection, after respiratory viral infection.


If a diabetic patient gets infected with Covid-19, the advisory suggests that authorities must be notified at once. It further suggests that the majority of patients have mild disease and can be managed at home. Symptomatic treatment is given and good hydration levels are maintained. In case of severe infection, the patient should be hospitalized and need regular blood glucose monitoring.


Adopting precautionary measures to stay away from infection. And seek immediate medical attention on experiencing symptoms are the need of the hour to reduce the severity of Covid-19.

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