Drinking Too Much Water- Maybe bad for Health.

In general, a healthy adult requires to drink three to four litres of water in a day under normal circumstances, which also includes water in food and other drinks. If we consume too much water it can lead to water intoxication and may cause health problems in the long run.

We are well aware that water is excreted mainly through the urinary system, It is filtered from bloodstream by kidneys. Our kidneys have the capacity to filter water from 800 ml. to 1000 ml. per hour. On drinking more water it can not get filtered and gets accumulated in our body cells. This results in swelling of body cells. Body cells are surrounded by a balanced solution of sodium and water. Drinking too much water results in a disturbed balance between water and sodium. leading to depletion of sodium levels, causing hyponatremia.

Our body flexible tissues can handle swelled body cells up to some extent. But in the brain being surrounded by the skull, the pressure starts building in the head. In the early stage, it may cause heaviness, confusion or drowsiness. But if the pressure continues to build, it can lead to a risk of brain damage, coma and even death in extreme cases.

However severe water intoxication is rare. Its chances with persons, suffering from kidney dysfunction can be more.

Thus water is a main source of life. It must be consumed in an optimum quantity,  to quench our thrust and to perform various body functions normally.

Wishing all to be in a healthy state of health.

(For public awareness only).

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