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Maansi Survival Aid Foundation is committed to serving ailing humanity. We promote healthy living and Ayurvedic concepts through our blogs. We organize free health camps. Have 40+years of experience in the health care industry (Modern medicine & Alternate medicine).

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-healthy living- ayurveda

We create awareness for healthy living and Ayurveda by publishing our blogs. Please join our Forum- Healthy Living and Ayurveda by posting your comments, suggestions, and posts pertaining to healthy living and Ayurveda. With your participation, we will be able to promote health and fitness.

Our health and fitness forum has two subforums- Healthy Living and Ayurveda. Join us by visiting our menu section- Home- Maansi Healthy Living and clicking on it. You are invited to register and join the discussion.

To join our Healthy living forum<<= Click here.

To join our Ayurveda forum <<= Click here.

Surinder Bhalla

Surinder Bhalla

Blogger & Marketing consultant

40+ Years of experience in the healthcare industry