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    As per a survey conducted in parts of India, it was found Two out of every Ten school-going children suffer from hypertension. In most cases, hypertension in children is found to be mild. But if due attention is not paid, it may worsen with age and can be a reason to cause diabetes, heart diseases, or stroke.

    Possible reasons for hypertension among school-going children are:-

    Sedentary living habits.
    High salt intake due to the consumption of junk food.
    Lack of regular physical exercise.
    Overburden / over-expectation to perform in studies.

    However, the same can be corrected with modification in lifestyle as:-

    Physical activities.
    Reduced intake of salt.
    Weight corrections in obese kids.

    What needs to be done is:-

    Periodically checkup of blood pressure in school-going children.
    Those with high B.P. Should be referred to specialists for proper treatment.
    Parents and schools should stress the importance of a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habits, cutting down junk food, and regular physical activities.
    Please share your views.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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