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Happy Holidays- Merry Christmas- Stay Safe.

Wishing all – Happy Holidays- Merry Christmas- Stay Safe & Healthy. The festive season of 2020 is unusual. Since the Covid-19 pandemic is on. Every one of us thinks about how to avoid, the Covid-19 risk during this festive season? The threat of Covid-19 is still with us. And it is mutating into new strains and once more spreading within our communities. We have to celebrate our holidays and Christmas but with caution and by staying safe and healthy. Recent advancements towards the development of the Coronavirus vaccine are encouraging. But still, it will take some time. We will have to wait until it is readily available for use of masses needing prevention from Covid-19. In the meantime, it is the responsibility of all of us to take appropriate precautions to cut down Covid-19 risk during the festive season.

For more details, about how to cut down the Covid-19 risk during the festive season? Please click on

Happy Holidays- Merry Christmas- Say safe &Healthy

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