Health benefits of Amla

Amazing Health Benefits of Amla.

Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica) is a powerhouse of nutrients and has various amazing health benefits. It is also called Amalaki (which means nectar of life), Amritphal, Indian gooseberry, etc. It possesses a unique and balanced combination of sweet, sour, pungent, and bitter tastes. And can be used in raw, powdered, juice, pickle, jam, or candied forms. Amla is an excellent source of vitamin- C, calcium, iron, copper, potassium, vitamin B6, etc., and is considered a superfood. It is full of antioxidants – Antioxidants are substances that can protect your cells against free radicals. Which can cause various diseases in your body. Free radicals are molecules produced in your body, during the breakdown of foods or when your body is exposed to tobacco smoke or radiation.

What are the amazing health benefits of amla?

Besides having nutritional values. Amla consumption provides amazing health benefits like- lowering blood glucose levels, lowering blood pressure, reducing obesity, improving immunity to diseases, etc. It also helps in controlling neurodegenerative disorders and improves liver functions. Following are some of the amazing health benefits of amla:-

Amazing health benefits pf Amla
Amazing health benefits of Amla

Amla can lower blood glucose levels.

Amazing health benefits of amla- controls high blood glucose levels
Amazing health benefits of amla- control high blood glucose levels

Amla, a medicinal plant, can help you lower your blood glucose levels and can reverse insulin dependence. Several studies have reached the conclusion that amla consumption can lower your blood glucose levels. A study in 2011 found that people- with or without diabetes– who consumed amla fruit powder had a remarkable decrease in both fasting and post-prandial blood glucose levels. Indicating that amla may effectively help in managing diabetes.

Amla also contains chromium, which helps in the regulation of metabolism and can make your body sensitive to insulin. Moreover, amla can also be used as an effective remedy for the prevention of pancreatitis.

Authors from a recent review state: “Supplements containing Emblica officinalis [are] effective in lowering blood glucose levels in diabetic patients” with strong scientific evidence from one or more randomized controlled trials.

Consuming fresh amla fruit per day can help you control your diabetes. It can also be used as a dry powder or in juice form.

Amla can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Amazing health benefits of amla- helps in maintaining heart health
Amazing health benefits of amla- helps in maintaining heart health

According to the Centres for Disease Control and the American Heart Association, in the U.S., every 40 seconds, someone gets a heart attack. The health conditions causing cardiovascular diseases are very common. App. 45% of American adults have high blood pressure – a precursor to heart disease.

Research has shown that amla berries can be helpful in reducing the risk of heart disease. Regular consumption of amla plays a significant role in reducing cholesterol and high blood pressure levels. The results achieved are comparable to synthetic medications.

Amla can help lower high cholesterol levels.

Daily consumption of amla (one or two fruits) can help lower your bad cholesterol levels. Is considered one of the best home remedies for lowering cholesterol levels.

As per a multicenter clinical trial published in 2019, it was found that daily consumption of amla for 12 weeks significantly reduced cholesterol levels. The cholesterol-lowering properties of amla can be a natural protective measure against the risk of increasing heart disease globally.

Amla helps lower high blood pressure.

Amazing health benefits of amla
Amazing health benefits of amla- helps in lowering high blood pressure

Many studies indicate that regular amla consumption can play a significant role in lowering high blood pressure levels. The results obtained with the consumption of amla in hypertensive patients are similar to pharmaceutical drugs. Thus amla can be a natural alternative.

In a study subjects with high cholesterol were given a 500 mg capsule of amla per day or a pill of commonly prescribed statin medicine. It was observed that – both amla and statin have similar results. Both lowered total cholesterol levels, VLDL cholesterol, and increased HDL cholesterol levels.

Besides similar results on serum lipids, amla treatment significantly lowered blood pressure in 75% of subjects with high blood pressure. The hypertensive effect was experienced more in patients taking amla than a statin.

Thus it has been experienced in multiple studies that amla besides helping to lower high cholesterol levels, also helps in reduce high blood pressure.

Amla helps in maintaining a healthy body mass index (BMI).

Amazing health benefits of amla
Amazing health benefits of amla- Helps in maintaining a healthy BMI

As per a small study, it was stated that amla may help induce weight loss. 30 obese people were given 20 ml of fresh amla juice and 20 ml of water on an empty stomach in the morning and evening for 45 days. It was observed that people experienced, on average, a 6.8 kg reduction in weight and a 3.73kg/m2 reduction in BMI.

Consumption of amla also reduces risk factors like- high blood pressure, high blood glucose levels, and high cholesterol levels. Thus helping to reduce the risk of heart disease. This is considered one of the amazing health benefits of amla consumption.

Amla- A rich source of antioxidants.

Another amazing health benefit of Amla is that it is one of the most antioxidant-rich foods available on planet Earth. Antioxidants play a vital role in neutralizing- free radicals.

Free radicals are harmful pro-oxidative molecules that cause damage to cellular proteins, lipids, and DNA (both mitochondrial and nuclear). Free radicals are formed in your skin- when it is exposed to the sun, in your muscles – when you exercise, in your liver – when you drink alcohol, and in your tissues- when they absorb oxygen from red blood cells. You can not eliminate the formation of free radicals from your body completely. Cellular damage occurs- when extensive free radical damage exceeds – your body’s ability to neutralize them. This may lead to an increase in the risk of many chronic diseases like- diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, etc.

Consuming antioxidants in the form of food can play a great role in neutralizing free radicals, thus protecting you from diseases. Amla consumption as an antioxidant food can play a significant role in neutralizing free radicals.

Amla has amazing health benefits – helps optimize immunity.

Amla may be helpful in strengthening immunity
Amazing health benefits of amla- May be helpful in strengthening immunity

Amla possesses the highest Oxygen Radical Absorbance capacity, or ORAC (antioxidant value) than any other naturally occurring substance. Adding a small quantity may improve your immune health.

We are always exposed to pathogens. Pathogens can cause infections. To fight infections, our immune cells, called macrophages, perform a wide variety of functions. During the process, various free radical molecules are produced.

Antioxidants like- vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and carotene help in scavenging these free radicals – boosting your immune system and facilitating to doing its job.

Amla is a rich source of vitamin C. The second-highest of any fruit available on planet Earth. First is Barbados cherry. Vitamin C is important in regulating white blood cells (WBC). WBCs are part of our immune system that protects our body from infections.

Besides supporting our immune system, amla itself has potent antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. In a test against multiple strains of bacteria, amla was found to be very effective against harmful microbes, including E. coli and Streptococcus mutans.

Amla is also a rich source of chromium. Chromium plays a vital role in immune response signaling in your body. During infection, chromium helps signal your WBC and other defense measures – strengthening the immune response.

During the aging process, the immune response naturally decreases. Which makes the body susceptible to infections. Research shows that “antioxidant supplementation essentially reverses several age-associated immune deficiencies…” by increasing the activity of lymphocytes, T-cells, and killer T-cells to actively fight infections.

Amla reduces inflammation.

Studies have shown that amla has significant anti-inflammatory properties. As per a study, it was found that aqueous extract of amla has a significant reduction in systemic inflammation with reduced oxidative stress and reduced blood lipids.

Extracts from Indian Gooseberry (Emblica Officinalis Gaertn.) may be an effective anti-inflammatory agent and anticoagulant, according to a new study from Japan.

Indian gooseberry (amla) extracts show anti-inflammatory and blood flow benefits

30-Oct-2013 By Stephen DANIELLS

Amazing health benefits of Amla -improves liver health.

Amla is helpful in maintaining liver health
Amazing health benefits of amla- helpful in maintaining liver health

The total number of chronic liver diseases is estimated to be 1.5 billion worldwide. Liver disease is a prominent- but generally neglected issue.

Research in humans is limited. Although some studies on animals suggest- that amla juice could help improve liver function. As per one study– feeding amla to rats on a high fructose diet increased levels of several key proteins involved in metabolism, which could help prevent fructose-induced fatty liver disease.

Amla with its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, and cardiovascular benefits- could be beneficial in promoting optimal liver health. Amla offers protection against a wide variety of harmful liver agents like- ethanol, paracetamol, carbon tetrachloride, and other heavy metals.

Amla consumption- can be helpful in neurodegenerative disorders.

Amla is helpful in the prevention of neurodenerative disoreders
Amazing health benefits of amla- helpful in the prevention of neurodegenerative disorders

Amla with its comprehensive and amazing health benefits- can be used in the treatment of neurodegenerative and neurological disorders like- Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Huntington’s disease Depression, Epilepsy, and Stress.

Exploring the multifaceted neuroprotective actions of Emblica Officinalis (Amla): a review: http://Exploring the multifaceted neuroprotective actions of Emblica officinalis (Amla): a review

“Amla, and its extracts, exert many positive effects on dyslipidemia, hyperglycemia, inflammation, oxidative stress, apoptosis, and autophagy, that contribute to AD risk.”

Amla helps in improving many biomarkers – which are associated with increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease. It can also help in improving mood, memory, and mental abilities. These amazing health benefits of amla can be very useful in old age individuals.

Amazing health benefits of Amla- can be used in cancer.

Amazing health benefits of amla
Amazing health benefits of amla helps in prevention of certain cancers

Amla can be used as an anticancer agent. Amla (Emblica Officinalis Gaertn), a wonder berry in the treatment and prevention of cancer

As per studies, it was stated that amla restricts cancer cell growth and provides protection against cancer cell invasion.

The study analyzed the effect of amla – on the growth of six human cancers (lung cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer, and breast cancer) treated in vitro (in a glass tube, dish, or outside a living organism) with different concentrations of amla.

In all the cases amla initially slowed the growth of cancer cells and then started to kill up to 50% of cancer cells.

Amla is also useful for hair health.

Amazing health benefits of amla
Amazing health benefits of amla

There is limited research on the use of amla powder on hair.

A study found that topical application (application on the surface of a part of the body) of amla oil slightly enhanced the hair growth rate in rabbits.

A study in 2017 on mice found that a herbal mixture containing amla powder may stimulate hair growth among people – who experience loss of hair.

As per one study – it was found that an herbal extract mixture containing amla improved hair density, hair shaft diameter, and the hair growth rate between 6- 16 weeks of treatment in patients with alopecia (loss of hair). It is yet to be studied how amla helps to promote the growth of hair. But the effect was clear:

“The natural components of DA-5512 might influence hair-growth-promoting activity and enhance hair health and can therefore be considered an effective option for treating hair loss.”

Side effects of amla consumption.

Allergic reactions with amla consumption are very rare. Moreover, there are no major side effects noticed with the consumption of amla. However, the following factors should be taken into consideration and should be discussed with your healthcare provider.

Amla lowers your blood pressure and helps in reducing inflammation. Which may increase the risk of bleeding or bruising in persons with a bleeding disorder. This can also be a risk during surgery. If planning for surgery – discuss it with your doctor.

Amla consumption on regular use may cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels). If you experience such a problem discontinue the use.

How to use amla

Thus amla (Indian Gooseberry) has eight times more vitamin C than an orange, twice the antioxidant power of acai berry, and around 17 times that of a pomegranate. The humble Indian gooseberry, commonly known as amla, truly deserves its superfood status.

Ayurveda doctors claim that amla can help balance the three doshas (Kapha/vista/pitta) in the body and eliminate the underlying cause of many diseases.

Amla can be consumed in any form. One of the best ways is to use it in powdered form. Amla powder is a little bit bitter in taste. It can be mixed with fruit juice, and honey, or can be sprinkled on dishes or fruits like- banana, apple, papaya, etc.

For treatment, consult your healthcare provider.

For awareness purposes only.

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