Heart health Linked to Quality Sleep.

Quality sleep is as necessary for long term health as diet and exercise. As per a study people who experience poor sleep have 71%higher risk of heart disease and 45%higher risks of stroke.

Insomnia ( lack of sleep) has a link with high blood pressure, which is a precursor to heart disease. Unhealthy sleep has wide-ranging consequences, many of which develop into risk factors for heart disease. People with insomnia often suffer from irritability, fatigue, difficulty in concentrating by overproduction of cortisol hormone. insomnia can adversely affect our heart health.


Therefore, we need to sleep well. Necessary precautions must be taken so that our sleep is not disturbed.

We should avoid using our mobile phones, after going to bed.

Reading habit before sleeping is good for quality sleep.

Wishing all a healthy life.

(For public awareness only).


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