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Hepatitis – C.

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What is Hepatitis-C? How it spreads, source of infection &possible treatment. 


Hepatitis- c is caused by a virus, that attacks the liver and leads to its inflammation. It remains hidden without major symptoms. Symptoms appear after decades of infection when the disease becomes chronic, due to cirrhosis of the liver. Which later on may get converted into liver cancer.

Hepatitis-c causes about 3,99,000 deaths worldwide every year. In India alone, more than One million cases are reported every year.

Yet many people do not know that they are suffering from infectious disease, due to lack of symptoms.

Hepatitis-c spreads through contact with contaminated blood. possible causes can be:-

  • Sharing of needles.
  • Unsterile tattoo/barber equipment.
  • Unsterile operating equipment.
  • Unscreened blood transfusion.
  • By mother to baby by pregnancy, labour or nursing.

Hepatitis-c is treatable by the latest oral antiviral drugs, which have comparatively lesser side effects than previous injectable therapies.

In Ayurveda also, it is claimed to have treatment.

Wishing all to be in a healthy state.

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