How to cut down Covid-19 risk during festive season

How to cut down Covid-19 risk during the festive season?

The festive season of 2020 was unusual due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic is still on. Every one of us thinks about- how to cut down the Covid-19 risk during this festive season in 2021? The threat of Covid-19 is still with us. And it is once again spreading within our communities with new strains and as the second wave. We have to celebrate- but with caution. The vaccines have been developed and being used. But still, it will take some time for complete vaccination. We will have to wait until it is readily available for use of masses- needing prevention from Covid-19. In the meantime, it is the responsibility of all of us to take appropriate precautions to cut down Covid-19 risk during the festive season.

Celebrating festival during Covid-19
Covid-19 risk during festive season.

Cut down the risk of Covid-19 during the festive season.

The year 2020 will be remembered due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has taught us to adopt a healthy lifestyle, giving top priority to our health, wellness, and maintaining good hygiene. With the lockdowns, we have learned to maintain good health through regular and small physical activities. This Holi let us give a gift to ourselves- Good health. This festive season, if it is in your plans to travel to your native place to celebrate Holi with your family or to relax at a holiday destination. Take the following precautions to cut down the risk of Covid-19 during the festive season.

Precautions to be observed during traveling in the festive season.

Cutting down risk of Covid-19 during feative season-Holi
Wearing masks in gathering.


Whenever and wherever people gather, Coronavirus gets an opportunity to spread. Thus maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, and keeping hand hygiene, and following local authorities guidelines, should be given a top priority. So that our loved ones may remain safe. Do not plan to travel if you or any of the family members are sick or exposed to a person, who had Covid-19. Even if the symptoms of illness are very mild.

Cuuting down Covid-19 risk while travelling in the festive season
Maintaining social distance during travelling.


Consider the traveling time to reach your destination and co-passengers, to whom you and your family members are likely to be exposed. Make sure you have enough hand sanitizer and spare facemasks available with you. Sanitize your hands at regular intervals. While traveling by private vehicle, try to minimize stops and pack food from home for the journey.

If using public transport, maintain social distance, and wear face masks. Wherever possible open windows for ventilation. Do not plan your journey during peak hours. So that crowd can be avoided. Avoid poorly ventilated areas. Ensure that your children do not pick or touch things in public places.

Observing safety precautions:-

Ensure that your children cover their cough and sneezing with their arms. Remind them to wash their hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds regularly. If soap and water are not available sanitizers can be used. The same measures are to be adopted by adults also.

Remain updated with travel restrictions:-

Remain updated with travel restrictions and tests required before and during your journey. Update yourself with the number of Covid-19 cases at home or at the destination. Check if there is available accommodation for self-quarantine in case you or your family member get exposed to Covid-19 at the destination station.

Carry your medications:-

Pack your regular prescribed medications. Take with you enough OTC medicines and a first aid kit that may be required during traveling. Get yourself and your family members the required vaccinations.

Stay at safe accommodation:-

For staying give priority to safe accommodation. The apartment should be properly sanitized before checking in. Prefer, self-catering. Always remember to wash your hands with soap and water before taking your meals. Drink hot water. Regularly sanitize the surfaces, keys, and door handles, remote controls, to cut down the risk of getting Covid-19 infection during the festive season. And to enjoy your stay with your loved ones.

Celebrating the festive season-Taking care of your health.

Celebrating festive season of holi with caution
Meeting with your loved ones taking precautions.

Celebrate this festive season of Holi with caution. Celebrate only, with your near and dear ones and people known to you. Avoid close contacts and consume homemade dishes as far as possible. Take all the precautions needed to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. Moreover, the festive season can be enjoyed fully by keeping good health, hygiene, maintaining social distancing, proper sanitization, and wearing masks. Adopting the following few practices may help to cut down the risk of Covid-19 during the festive season. For more details about coronavirus prevention and awareness. Please click the link-

Keeping good habbits, like excercising, helps in cutting down risk of Covid-19.
Regularly excercising.

Maintain healthy habits:-

By maintaining healthy habits, we can strengthen our immunity. Moreover, holidays do not mean that- we should keep our daily routine, to keep us in good health- aside! We should maintain our daily schedule of regular exercising. If lemon water or honey with water is being taken after waking up, continue with the same.

Maintaining healthy eating habbits.
Healthy eating

Consuming Fruits and Vegetables:-

Enjoy your holidays with conventional dishes prepared during the Holi season with your loved ones- taking care of instructions, if any, given by your healthcare provider. And a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables to replenish the need for minerals and vitamins. They help in the detoxification and alkalization of the body.

Avoid overeating & overdrinking:-

Avoid overeating during the festive season- Holi
Avoid overeating during the festive season- Holi

Holi celebration means a lot of dishes and sweets being served. avoid indulging in overeating and overdrinking during the get-together with family members and friends. Take proteinaceous and healthy food. Keep hand hygiene. Avoid hugging or shaking hands.

Keeping well hydrated, helps in cutting down risk of Covid-19.
Keeping well hydrated.
Keep your self well- hydrated:-

Keep yourself well hydrated. Consume a minimum of three to four liters of water per day (As per your health conditions). Drinking hot water is advisable. as it has many health benefits like- relieving constipation, improving digestion, reducing stress levels, helps in weight loss, etc.

Remain physically active:-

If you have plans for relaxing all day. Remember to maintain your regular practices of yoga and meditation. Keep yourself physically active. For more details about- How sedentary lifestyle impact people health. please click on the link

Wishing all a happy, joyful, and safe Holi. Stay safe – Stay healthy!

For more information and treatment please consult your healthcare provider. (Published for awareness purpose only).

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