How to Lower Depression in ICU Discharged Patient?

How to Lower Depression in ICU Discharged Patient?

How to lower depression in ICU discharged patient is the need of the hour. It plays a major role in the recovery of patients and helps them to return to normal life. As per studies it is observed, that depression risk increases among patients, discharged after admission in intensive care units (I.C.U.) in hospitals.

How to take care of ICU Discharged patient

With the advancement in the critical health care system, the survival rate has increased. Hospitals’ intensive care units (ICU) play a major role in saving endangered lives. But to lower depression in ICU discharged patient is to be taken care of.

Besides advancement in the health care system and saving lives. Depression among ICU discharged patients is a major risk factor. Many ICU discharged patients face physical, cognitive, and psychological sequelae. Which results in delayed recovery to normal life.

How to take care of ICU Discharged patients

Depression is common in patients discharged from hospital ICU. More than 50% of such patients report depression and anxiety.

As per Dr. Joe Bienvenu, an associate professor of psychiatry at John Hopkins Medicine “We knew that symptoms of depression were associated with a worse quality of life after a critical illness”, Bienvenu said. “But this shows that they are also associated with mortality. I was struck by the fact that they were 47 percent more likely to die”

How to lower depression in ICU discharged patients?

Besides proper medical treatment, Family members play a key role.

Such patients need sympathy, proper care, and regular treatment, once they are discharged from hospitals.

Simply sitting by the patient’s bed and holding the patient hand gives the patient much-needed comfort.

Research has shown that there are positives effects on patient’s conditions, including reduced blood pressure and heart rate, when visited by their loved ones.

Sympathy, love, motivation, and patience by family members help a lot in the recovery of such patients.

To lower depression in ICU discharged patient needs sympathy, love & patience by loved ones

Please take proper care of your patient’s health as suggested by the health care providers.

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