“Umr-e-daraz maang ke laye thae chaar din do aarzoo mein kat Gaye do intezaar mein”; it is said that these lines are from Bahadur Shah Zafar. It means that I asked my creator for a long life and he lent me 4 days. I after getting these four days; spent two in desiring for things and consumed the remaining two by waiting to see those desires to get fulfilled.
These lines sum-up our lives so well. Today have made ourselves so busy that we are not able to see the actual truth of life. Allen Saunders said, “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans”. The same happened with the family of Mansi Bhalla.

If I had to describe Mansi Bhalla, I would choose words like a fun-loving, fearless, and disciplined individual. She was an NCC cadet and kept herself away from unhealthy things. Up to 52 years, she never had to visit any doctor for any health issues. However, this came to an end with a shock when she was detected with Hepatitis C in the year 2011. It is presumed that she caught the virus from a blood transfusion which was done while giving birth to one of her children.

Maansi Survival Aid Foundation

Being a strong individual, she tried hard and fought with the disease until her last breath by always caring for a smile on her face. Her treating doctors always said that they have never seen a critically ill patient smile while being admitted to an ICU. Even after all the efforts put in by the team of doctors from various hospitals, destiny played its role and she lost the fight.


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