Increasing life expectancy – The healthier way with Ayurveda.

A Lancet study with 2017 data has shown in spite of advances in the health care system, people are spending years gained in life in poor health. people are living longer but years gained in life are spent with increased risk of diseases, disability, dementia, and advanced aging prior to death.



We are concentrating on the quantity of life rather than the quality of life. We are living longer than our ancestors a few decades ago, due to better health care, hygiene, sufficient food, etc.

However, an increase in life expectancy did not come with a proportionate increase in disease-free life.

Between 1990 to 2017 communicable diseases like lower respiratory infections, Diarrheal diseases, Malaria, etc. and neonatal disorders reduced by app. 41%.

Whereas non-communicable diseases like Ischaemic heart diseases, Stroke, Diabetes, Lung cancer, COPD ( Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) increased by app. 40%.

Adopting Ayurveda can help to reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases. Our body needs good quality nutrition to attain optimal physical and mental health. the pillars of life that form the foundation on which good health and longevity can be achieved are – diet, sleep, yoga, and meditation.



Diet plays an important role in maintaining a balance of energies (Vata, Pitta & Kapha) within our body. by eating the right food as per our constitution, season and surroundings positive energy balance is maintained which helps us improve our body functions and promotes overall well being.

Sleeping at regular intervals and practicing yoga and meditation go long way in maintaining our body and mind systems at optimal levels, during longer life expectancy achieved, thus enabling us to lead long and active life.

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