Keep coronavirus away- Avoid touching your face, simple yet difficult.

Besides precautionary advice, to prevent coronavirus, avoid touching the face. people finding it difficult to adopt as it is a normal habit of the human being is to touch their face in small intervals, regularly. A  recent study has shown that a person touches his or her face 23 times in an hour. Thus increasing the chances of getting infected by letting coronavirus or other microorganisms, if present on fingers, enter through mucus membranes of mouth, nose and eyes.  

As precautionary measures, it is advised to wash hands frequently to avoid infection. To minimize the chances of getting infections including COVID-19 one must restrict touching the T- zone of the face.




As per Mary Louise McLaws, a professor at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia – “Eyes, nose, mouth – all those mucous membranes are the portal for a virus-like Covid-19 or SARS,”   “By touching your mucus membranes, you’re giving virus 11 opportunities every hour if you’ve touched something infectious.”

As per Nancy C Elder, a professor of family medicine at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland “Scratching the nose, rubbing your eyes, leaning on your chin and fingers go next to your mouth- there’s multiple ways we do it”.  “Everybody touches their face and it’s a difficult habit to break”.

Although it is difficult to break this habit of touching our face. The more we think the more our hand goes towards our face. The possible solutions can be to use tissue paper while touching our face, wearing glasses can help us to avoid touching our eyes, one can occupy hands with a stress ball or crossing arms may also help.


Wishing all a healthy and disease-free life.

(For awareness purpose only).

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