Keeping your Children Healthy – W.H.O Guidelines.

Keeping your Children Healthy – W.H.O Guidelines.

As per guidelines issued by the World health organisation (W.H.O.) – Keep children under one year of age away from electronic screens i.e mobile phones, computers, T.V. etc. Children from two to four years should be allowed to view electronic screens for one hour per day only.


It was stated that children under five years of age should be physically active and have sufficient sleeping time to enable them to learn healthy lifestyle habits and get themselves prevented from obesity and other health issues.

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“Healthy physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep habits are established early in life, providing an opportunity to shape habits through childhood, adolescence and adulthood”‘ — W.H.O.

Children between one to four years of age should spend a minimum of three hours for physical activities per day.


Infants below one year should be allowed floor-based play and should avoid electronic screens.

As per W.H.O. Report the number of obese children and adults had multiplied to ten folds in the last 40 years.

Excessive weight gain can lead to diseases like diabetes, hypertension and other associated health problems.

“Sedentary behaviours, whether riding motorised transport rather than walking or cycling, sitting at a desk in school, watching T.V. Or playing inactive screen-based games are increasingly prevalent and associated with poor health outcomes” the W.H.O.Said.

Viewing T.V. And playing computer games for longer duration leads to shortening of sleep durations. Insufficient sleep, in the long run, leads to fat accumulation. thus leading to obesity and associated health problems.


Wishing all to be in a healthy state.

(For awareness purpose only).

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