Know Ayurvedic body type -lead a healthy life Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually.

Know Ayurvedic body type -lead a healthy life Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually.

Ayurveda is not only a healing system, but it provides complete knowledge of life. It facilitates a balance between mind body and environment. In Ayurveda, it is believed that our body is made up of five elements found in nature as Water, Fire, Earth, Space and Air. These manifest in the human body as three basic energies or dosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha).

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Every individual has a unique balanced dosha pattern. Each type of dosha has a unique set of characteristics. To enable to maintain good health and a good state of mind, it is necessary to have knowledge of dosha present in an individual also called – Ayurvedic body type.
Ayurvedic body type – Vata.

Vata body type is governed by air and space element.
Body Structure:- Persons belong to this generally find it difficult to gain weight due to fast metabolism. They are thin with prominent bony structure. They tend to be cold and have dry skin. Their pulse is fast and weak.
LifeStyle:- They are very active, mobile, restless and energetic with irregular sleeping and eating habits. Their sexual desires vary between extremes. Their sleeping habits are very light and gets easily disturbed. They are more prone to insomnia.
Communication:- They are very talkative with the fast mode of speech.
Mental State:– Mentally and emotionally they are quick. they tend to learn fast and also forgets easily.
Nature:- Vata people are generally shy, modest and with low confidence. They lose patience easily but are flexible and adaptable to changes. Under unfamiliar conditions, they tend to get easily stressed. Mostly they are loner, highly creative and sensitive.
Ayurvedic body type – Pitta.

Pitta body type is governed by the fire element.
Body structure:- Pitta people are generally medium built with good muscle tone. they always feel warm. They get mostly bald as the age progresses with premature greying of hair. They have a high energy level with a good digestive system. Their skin is warm and gets sunburns easily.
Lifestyle:– They have a very strong desire for food and sex. Their sleep is moderate and not gets easily disturbed. Their pulse is strong. They dominate conversations and dislike warm weather or sunlight.
Communication:- They mostly speak loudly with passion.
Mental State:– They are extremely intelligent, focused and ambitious. They easily get irritated and are emotionally passionate about life.
Nature:– They are extroverts and love to be in the centre of attention. They are highly intelligent and have leadership qualities.
Ayurvedic body type – Kapha.

Kapha body type is governed by water and earth elements.
Body Structure:- They are the largest of all body types with wide hips and shoulders. Their hair is thick and wavy. They have good stamina. Their pulse is slow and steady. They tend to gain weight easily.
Lifestyle:– They generally have low appetite with slow digestion. They are sluggish, slow, lethargic and are difficult to get motivated. They sleep a lot. They love eating good food.
Communication:- They have a pleasant appearance with enjoyable voice.
Mental State:– Emotionally they are loyal and stable. They are slow learners with a great memory.
Nature:– They are highly tolerant, forgiving with medium intelligence. They like familiar surroundings. They are serene and tranquil. They can be romantic, sentimental and nostalgic in nature.
Knowing Ayurvedic body type – A way to lead a healthy life.

By knowing our Ayurveda body type we can balance our dosha by making lifestyle changes to lead a healthy life. It helps in maintaining good and balanced personal, family and professional relations.


Keeping good health can also help in attaining the ultimate four goals of life – Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

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