Living Healthy – Balancing Ayurvedic Body Doshas.

Living Healthy – Balancing Ayurvedic Body Doshas.

Ayurveda – One of the oldest systems of holistic healing known to mankind, It believes that the balance of doshas is good health, whereas imbalance is ill health. Every individual has a unique pattern of doshas present in the body that decides physical, emotional and mental characteristics. No two individuals have the same energy or dosha pattern.

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Rebalancing bioenergies or doshas:-

In Ayurveda, it is believed that like, increases like, whereas opposite balances. Therefore to balance imbalanced dosha, we must cultivate the opposite quality to dosha, so that the balance can be regained.

Balancing Vata dosha:-


vata dosha

Vata people love spontaneity, which causes an imbalance of energies. Thus if Vata is imbalanced, the person should follow a disciplined routine, like on-time sleeping, waking up, eating etc. to create balance in the hormonal and endocrine system.

Minimizing electronic screen timing:- All electronic screens must be off, one hour before bed to calm the nervous system.

Eating as per season:- Consumption of raw vegetables and smoothies in winter increases Vata. therefore must be avoided. Feeding on warm milk, soups, cooked seasonal vegetables are advisable.

Slowing down the pace of work:- Avoiding multitasking will increase focus and productivity. Morning walks and slow-paced yoga also helps.

Balancing Pitta dosha:


pitta dosha

Pitta is aggravated by coffee consumption, therefore it should be avoided, or should be consumed by adding the milk so that acidic heat of coffee is minimized.

Eating foods with cooling effects:- Grains like oats, cream of wheat imparts a cooling effect to fire. Green leafy salads consumption also helps. Red meat to be avoided, as it aggravates Pitta.

Taking part in sports:- Playing sports without a competitive mindset, challenging own physical capabilities. Staying calm and avoiding heated environment.

Cultivating a helping attitude:- Working for the higher cause to serve others, helps ease perfectionism and ego.

Calming effect:- Having a bath with essential oils like Rose and Lavender gives a soothing effect to the soul.

Balancing Kapha dosha:-


kapha Dosha

Daily Excercise:– Kapha imbalanced people need to sweat out energy by rigorous exercising, long-distance running etc.

Adding more spontaneity in life:- Stepping outside the comfort zone and trying new things in life will help.

Reducing dairy products and carbohydrates:- Consumption of millet, barley, quinoa are advised. Eating a lot of vegetables, warming spices like cinnamon, pepper, ginger adding honey as a sweetener to tea and food helps.

Dry Brushing:–  Dry brushing after showers, help stimulate the lymphatic system.

By understanding doshas, their symptoms and effects, while balancing with possible solutions can help mankind to lead a healthy life, thus attaining the ultimate goals of life i.e.  Dharma, Artha, Kama and  Moksha.

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