Lower Dementia Risk by up to 32% -Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle.

Lower Dementia Risk by up to 32% -Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle.

Dementia – A brain-wasting disease, resulting in to decline in memory, problem-solving and thinking skills. it affects a persons ability to perform day to day activities. As per W.H.O. It affects around 50 million people globally with the addition of app 10 million people annually its number will raise to triple-figure by the year 2050.


As per the study published in journal JAMA – The risk of dementia in persons with high genetic risk can be reduced by 32% by adopting a healthy lifestyle, in comparison with persons without a healthy lifestyle.

People with high genetic risk and unhealthy lifestyle have three times more risk of developing dementia than people with low genetic risk and healthy lifestyle.


As per a study non-smokers who took exercise regularly and had a balanced diet with moderate drinking were found to have decreased dementia risk irrespective of their profile of high, medium or low genetic risk.

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As per findings revealed in the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference Dementia risks can be reduced substantially by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Wishing all to be in a healthy state with a healthy lifestyle.

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