How to lower diabetes risk by eating breakfast

How to lower diabetes risk by eating breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To start our day with a healthy breakfast has many health benefits. We can lower diabetes risk by eating a healthy breakfast. Recent research has shown that skipping breakfast raises the chances of developing type -2 diabetes by 33%. In the case of overweight persons, the risk factor of developing diabetes is even more. Eating breakfast at the fixed scheduled hours containing high fiber, carbohydrates, and an optimum quantity of protein is the best way to lower diabetes risk.

What is the link between skipping breakfast and increasing diabetes risk?

As per a review by German researchers, it was found that skipping breakfast in the morning may increase the risk for type-2 diabetes. Data from an app. 1,00,000 people were reviewed in six separate studies.

The researchers found that skipping breakfast once a week time is associated with a 6% higher risk of developing type-2 diabetes. As the number of skipping breakfast increases per week the risk of developing type- 2 diabetes also rises. The persons skipping breakfast 4-5 times a week are at an increased risk of developing type-2 diabetes up to 55%.

Skipping breakfast may increase diabetes risk
Skipping breakfast may increase diabetes risk

To prevent the risk of type-2 diabetes, healthcare providers usually suggest lifestyle changes. As per the research published in The Journal of Nutrition- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.) says, that 90% to 95% of 30 million people in the United States suffering from diabetes have type-2 diabetes. The risk factors for type-2 diabetes include obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. Type-2 diabetes generally develops after the age of 45 years. Whereas type-1 diabetes develops at an early age and is less common.

What happens to blood sugar, if you skip breakfast?

It has been observed that at least 30% of people around the world are in the habit of skipping breakfast due to work-related stress. Skipping any meal repeatedly during the day puts the system under stress and makes the insulin hormone less active resulting in increased chances of diabetes.

As per Jenna Freeman Scudder, R.D, a dietician at the Ohio State University, Wexner Medical Centre – “Some small studies suggest that the skipping the morning meal can actually lead to more insulin resistance.” She further says, “Insulin resistance is a condition that requires more insulin to bring blood sugar into the normal range, and when it’s chronic, there’s a major risk factor for type-2 diabetes.”

Skipping breakfast has also been associated with an increase in fluctuations of blood glucose and insulin levels. This may lead to unhealthy food choices that can further put stress on our bodies.

Skipping breakfast may increase diabetes risk
Skipping breakfast may increase diabetes risk

“Not breaking that fast after a night’s sleep can strain your body and its metabolism, and can also lead to overeating.” further, “It also makes unhealthy, high-calorie options more appealing.”

Why do people not eat breakfast?

Skipping breakfast may increase the risk for type-2 diabetes. In the year 2015, a poll was conducted and it was found that 53% of Americans skip breakfast at least once a week. The primary reason for skipping breakfast was not having sufficient time due to workload. Or not feeling hungry in the morning.

Generally people skipp breakfast due to work load
Generally people skipp breakfast due to work load

As per Jessica Crandall, a registered dietician and a spokeswoman for the academy of nutrition and Dietetics, “A lot of times, people think they know about nutrition because they eat,” She said, “but you need large bodies of science and research to what our bodies actually need.”

It was also found that people who consume breakfast opt to have a quick meal at some fast food or coffee shop. Scudder advised that it is not a healthy option to start your day with an unhealthy diet. Such foods may lead to many health problems, like- high blood pressure, obesity- a risk factor for diabetes.

For more details- Unhealthy diet- A major cause of premature death<<= click here.

How to lower diabetes risk by eating breakfast?

To stay healthy we should include a habit of eating morning breakfast in our daily routine. As per studies, it has been found that there is a link between diabetes (type-2), blood sugar, and insulin. Skipping breakfast may lead to an increased risk of diabetes. Thus- we can lower diabetes risk by eating breakfast.

Lower diabetes risk by eating breakfast
Lower diabetes risk by eating breakfast

As per Osama Hamdy, M.D. Ph.D., of Joslin Diabetes Center, “Don’t skip breakfast” if you have diabetes. He says when people with diabetes miss their morning meal, they are more likely to get low blood sugar, also called hypoglycemia. Hamdy says low blood sugar “is not a joke”. This is a dangerous scenario. “it can make you tired, anxious, irritable, or shaky. More serious symptoms include irregular heartbeat and seizures.

Healthy options- to lower diabetes risk by eating breakfast

The choice of breakfast should include a healthy option. Foods like- pastries, doughnuts, pancakes, and sweetened cereals contain added sugars and fewer proteins and fibers. Thus not considered- healthy choices.

Scudder says oatmeal is a healthy option. As it contains fiber that makes you feel full and helps you lower cholesterol levels.

“Avoid the flavored kinds of oatmeal that have extra sugar,” she said, “plain oatmeal also comes in individual packets, so it’s just as simple to make.”

To oatmeal you can add, honey, fresh seasonal fruits, and nuts to add taste and make it more healthy. The other suggested option can be boiled eggs for a quick breakfast. Packed juices are also not a good option as they may contain added sugars.

Thus eating breakfast is a simple way to stay healthy. As it provides the much-needed nutritious and healthy meal for starting the day. It is beneficial for people of all age groups. For adults, eating breakfast is beneficial as-

Eating breakfast provides the necessary vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. For more reading- Breakfast eating- A simple way to stay healthy<<= Click here

Benefits of eating breakfast.

  • >It helps in controlling body weight to the optimum level.

>It improves working performance.

>It helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

Children who regularly eat breakfast get benefited as-

Doctors believe that eating a balanced, on-time breakfast along with other meals helps maintain sugar levels.

Scudder said, “Eating a breakfast of high fiber, complex carbohydrates, and protein is best,” She said, “It can help you kick-start your day, give you energy, satisfy your appetite, and set the stage for healthy eating all day.”

For treatment, please consult your healthcare provider. Wishing all to be in a healthy state.

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