What are the nine early signs of dementia?

What Are The Nine Early Signs of Dementia?

What are the nine early signs of dementia?

The nine early signs generally appear in the person suffering from dementia. Dementia is a group of symptoms, that include loss of memory, trouble with language, change in personality, delusions, agitation, and reduced ability to solve problems. Alzheimer’s is one of the most common forms of dementia. Dementia usually progresses with age. But it is not a part of the normal aging process. Sometimes symptoms start appearing in the early stage.

Dementia is caused when nerve cells stop working in the brain. It usually happens in old age. Due to age natural deterioration process generally happens to almost all. But for people who suffer from dementia, it happens at a faster pace. There are nine signs of dementia. A person with two or more signs. And if the signs are severe enough to interfere with daily life activities. The patient needs to get a consultation from the healthcare provider. Early detection helps in controlling the severity of the disease. Watch for the following nine signs:-

1. An early sign of dementia is the loss of memory.

An early sign of dementia is loss of memory
An early sign of dementia is loss of memory

Forgetting few things and recalling them later happens to all and is normal. But people with dementia, are unable to recall things. A person with dementia is unable to recall the recent information. They have to depend on others for keeping track of things like- dates, events, etc.

2. Finding it difficult to solve problems and planning, misplacing things.

Finding it difficult to solve problems

A person suffering from dementia finds it difficult to work as per planning. Daily life activities, like driving, cooking become difficult. They are unable to remember the things like- where they have kept the keys or remote control, etc. It becomes time-wasting and frustrating for them and their family members.

3. Remain confused about time or place.

Early sign of dementia includes remaining confused about time and space

People with dementia find it difficult to remember the passing of time. They may forget the place they are or were at a particular time. They may struggle remembering dates and events in the past or the future.

4. Early signs of dementia may impact the capability to perform familiar tasks.

Early signs of dementia may impact capability to perform familiar tasks

The early signs of dementia may impact the normal and familiar tasks being performed by the person. They may find it difficult to operate a computer, change the setting of television, preparing a cup of tea, and reaching a familiar destination.

5. Impact on understanding visual information.

Dementia may cause an impact on visual information

Dementia may cause an impact on visual information. It can be difficult to judge the distance or differentiate colors. Driving vehicles may become difficult.

6. Early signs of dementia may impact writing and speaking capabilities.

Dementia may cause problem with speaking and writting

Persons suffering from dementia may find difficulty in remembering the right spelling, punctuation, or grammar. Handwriting becomes difficult to read. They are unable to enter into conversation with others. As they struggle with words to speak. They usually forget, what they were saying and what the others have told.

7. Early signs of dementia may cause Social withdrawal.

Dementia may cause social withdrawl

A person suffering from dementia may stop indulging in social activities. He may not take any interest when someone is talking to him. He may stop hobbies or social activities in which other people are involved. He may withdraw himself or stop talking to others.

8. Early signs of dementia may impact decision-making ability and judgment.

Dementia may impact decision making ability

The persons with dementia may become unable to understand what is fair and reasonable. Their ability to solves problems and take decisions may be hampered. Sometimes, people with dementia do not pay attention to remain clean and presentable.

9. Early signs of dementia may cause changes in mood and personality.

Dementia may cause personality changes

Dementia may cause mood swings or personality changes. The person suffering from dementia may become irritable, depressed, anxious, fearful. He may act inappropriately.

Consult your healthcare provider.

Thus dementia is the loss of skills, affecting daily routine. It can cause the problem with memory, thinking capabilities and problem-solving skills. Usually, dementia gets worsened with age. If any of the above signs are observed in yourself or your loved ones. Healthcare providers must be consulted. Although dementia has no cure. But your doctor can help you to minimize the symptoms. And can help you improve your quality of life.

As per W.H.O.Guidelines, people can reduce their risk of dementia by:-

Non-smokers, who take regular exercise and have a healthy diet are at reduced risk of dementia.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle may help in reducing dementia risk.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle helps in reducing the risk of many diseases or risk factors of diseases like- High blood pressure, Heart diseases, Stroke, Obesity, Cancer, Diabetes, High cholesterol levels, Arthritis, Dementia, etc. Following are the few guidelines for adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Suggested diet to lower dementia risk.

Eating – vegetables, fruits, nuts, wholegrain bread, potatoes, seeds, legumes, herbs, spices, fish, seafood olive oil, etc.

Eating in moderation –  poultry, eggs, cheese, etc.

Avoiding eating – sugar-sweetened beverages, added sugars, refined oils, highly processed foods, etc.

How to lower dementia risk?

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