Obesity- Risk factor for Cancer.

Obesity is a risk factor for cancer. Research shows that excess body fat in obese people may increase cancer risk. Experts believe that it is mostly due to inflammation caused by visceral fat- fat that surrounds the body vital organs. Cancer is caused by abnormal cell division, damaging cells around them, and causing illness. The more the cells divide and reproduce, the higher the risk of tumor formation.

What experts say:-

As per KarenBasen-Engquist Ph.D. Professor in behavior science at MD Anderson “The problem with excessive visceral fat is that it affects certain processes in your body. This includes how your body manages hormones like insulin and estrogen” She further says, “All of this can lead to increased cancer risk by affecting how and when cells divide and die”.

As per co-author Ahmedin Jemal of the American Cancer Society “Our findings expose recent changes that could serve as a warning of an increased burden of obesity-related cancers to come in older adults.”

“Obesity is now one of the most preventable causes of cancers in the U.S. and U.K.- around 1 in 12 cases in the U.S. are caused by excess weight and more than 1 in 20 in the U.K.”

Obesity increasing sharply worldwide:-

In the last four decades, obesity has more than doubled in the U.S. It has also increased sharply in rich nations and the developing world. It is estimated that around two billion people are obese worldwide. when a person is overweight or obese, it means he has too much body fat in relation to lean tissue such as muscles. There are many factors for obesity, like genetic, hormonal, environmental, emotional, etc.

Obesity a known factor for cancer:-

There is a sharp increase in the rate of obesity-linked cancers in young adults in the U.S. In a study covering two-third of the U.S. population, it was shown that for half a dozen cancers obesity is the known factor. Obesity is the third most important risk factor for cancer in the U.S. Obesity is the cause of about 15% of all preventable cancers.

Few guidelines to reduce obesity:-
  • Including 40 to 50 minutes of exercise in daily routine.
  • Adopting the habit of cycling or walking as far as possible.
  • Limiting the consumption of processed food and sugar enriched food.
  • Adding seasonal fresh foods, vegetables, and fibrous food in our diet.
  • Minimize stress by adopting yoga and meditation.
  • Adopt a supportive and active daily routine.
  • Limiting electronic screen time watching.
  • Avoid snacking while watching electronic screens.
  • Prioritize balanced sleeping habits
  • For more information about dietary changes to reduce cancer risk,
  • please click the link =>>    https://maansisurvivalaidfoundation.com/dietary-changes-that-can-reduce-cancer-risk/

Wishing all, a healthy disease-free life. Please consult your physician for treatment.

Posted for awareness purposes only.

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