What are preventable risk factors for heart disease?

What are preventable risk factors for heart disease?

Preventable risk factors for heart disease can be achieved by making lifestyle changes. Approximately half of Americans (47%) have at least one out of three major factors that can increase the risk of heart disease. These are high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and smoking. The factors that can increase the risk of heart disease are called risk factors. Some risk factors are preventable, while others can not be controlled and called unpreventable risk factors for heart disease.

Un-preventable risk factors.

Un preventable risk factors for heart disease are:-

  • Sex (Male)
  • Old age
  • Family history of heart disease.
  • Being postmenopausal.

Preventable risk factors for heart disease.

Many risk factors can be controlled by making lifestyle changes. Making changes in lifestyle is a proven way of reducing the risk of heart diseases. Lifestyle changes help in improving overall health and improve the other associated risk factors. Heart disease can be prevented up to around 80% of the time by making lifestyle changes. By adopting the following lifestyle changes, risk factors for heart disease can be prevented.

Tobacco use and smoking:- The chemicals in tobacco get into the bloodstream and can cause damage to arteries, heart, and other parts of the body. Nicotine raises blood pressure. Smokers are more than twice at the risk of heart disease than nonsmokers and are most likely to die in case of a heart attack. Quitting smoking is the major preventable risk factor for heart disease.

Smoking, inactive lifestyle, Obesity are preventable risk factors for heart disease

Lack of physical activities (sedentary lifestyle):  People who are physically active have a lower risk of developing heart disease in comparison to inactive people. People who remain inactive have higher rates of death due to heart disease. Even walking and gardening helps in reducing the risk of heart disease. It is suggested that most people should exercise 30 minutes per day. Healthcare providers must be consulted before adopting any exercising program. For more reading- How sedentary lifestyle affects people health? <<= Click here

Obesity (Overweight):-  If obese people can reduce their weight by 10% their chances of developing heart disease is reduced to 20% (double the rate). Excessive fat in the body puts more strain on the heart and increases other heart disease risk factors like diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, etc. As per recent studies, it was observed obesity increases the risk for heart disease.

Unhealthy diet:- Eating a healthy diet help to control obesity and lower cholesterol level. both these help to reduce heart disease risk. Consuming a healthy diet, maintaining an optimum quantity of sodium, saturated fats, cholesterol, and refined sugars intake. And adding seasonal fruits and vegetables to the diet helps in reducing risk factors for heart disease. For more reading- Unhealthy diet- A major cause of premature death. <<= click here.

Unhealthy diet, Excessive alcohol, and unregulated blood pressure are the preventable risk factors for heart disease

Excessive alcohol use:-  Drinking too much alcohol can increase blood pressure and weight. Both may increase the chances of heart disease. Limiting or avoiding alcohol consumption may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Controlling the blood pressure:- High blood pressure is the major risk factor for heart disease. In the U.S alone 67 million people suffer from high blood pressure, making it, the most common risk factor for heart disease. High blood pressure can be controlled by consuming a healthy diet, exercising, weight management, and optimizing salt intake. Consulting healthcare provider for medication, if required. One must check blood pressure regularly. For more details about – How blood pressure impacts the health of a person? please click on the link https://maansisurvivalaidfoundation.com/how-high-blood-pressure-impact-health-of-a-person/

Controlling Cholesterol levels:- Arteries carrying blood can be clogged due to high cholesterol levels. And may lead to heart disease. Adopting lifestyle changes can help in controlling cholesterol levels. Consuming a diet low in cholesterol and saturated and trans fats and high in complex carbohydrates and good fats (omega-3 fatty acids) helps optimize cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. To know more about Cholesterol Good or Bad. Please click the link:- https://maansisurvivalaidfoundation.com/cholesterol-good-or-bad/

Controling cholesterol levels, blood sugar and regulating sleeping hours can prevent risk of heart disease

Controlling your blood sugar levels (diabetes):- Diabetes doubles the risk of diabetic heart disease. High blood sugar may lead to damage to blood vessels and nerves. That may increase heart disease risk. Diabetes can be controlled by taking a healthy diet, exercising, maintaining a healthy weight, and seeking medical advice, as required. For more details about early signs and symptoms of diabetes. Please click on https://maansisurvivalaidfoundation.com/what-are-the-early-signs-and-symptoms-of-diabetes/

Regular and fixed sleeping hours:– Regular sleeping hours can help in reducing the risk for high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes, The major risk factors for heart disease. Sleep apnea may also lead to an increased risk of heart disease. For more details about sleep apnea. Please click on https://maansisurvivalaidfoundation.com/sleep-apnea-may-be-due-to-fat-tongue/

Managing stress levels: Increased stress levels may increase blood pressure and increase heart disease risk. Stress levels can be managed by adopting yoga, meditation, listening to your favorite music, etc. For more reading- How to cut down stress levels? <<= Click here

Managing stress levels are preventable risk factors for heart disease

Controlling these risk factors can prevent the risk of getting heart diseases. Please consult your health care provider for treatment. Please take proper care of your heart.

Wishing all a healthy life. (Published for awareness purpose only).

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