Preventing – Arthritis and leading an Active & Healthy Life, Naturally.

Preventing – Arthritis and leading an Active & Healthy Life, Naturally.

Arthritis is a crippling disease, that causes inflammation, pain, and stiffness in joints. It gets worse as the age progresses. It is estimated, that in India alone more than one million persons suffer from arthritis every year.

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Arthritis can be prevented by simply adopting a few dietary changes. Which can reduce inflammation and can help the suffering people to restore mobility and lead an active and healthy life.

Few dietary changes, that can help.

  • Olive oil:- Consuming two to three tablespoons of olive oil daily can help us reducing inflammation and pain. It can be used in cooking or as a dressing on salads.
  • Citrus fruits:- Grapefruit, Oranges, Lemons, etc. contain an ample quantity of vitamin-C. Vitamin-C can help in reducing inflammation in arthritic patients, thus maintaining healthy joints. Eating a colorful range of fruits helps us leading an active life.


  • Yogurt:- Fermented food can increase, the much needed good bacteria in our gut and have an anti-inflammatory effect also. It helps in relieving arthritis symptoms.
  • Porridge:- Eating oats have a positive impact on relieving arthritis, It also helps in reducing cholesterol levels.
  • Omega- 3 fatty acid:- Fish oil is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, it can help reducing inflammation associated with arthritis.


  • Green Tea:- It contains antioxidants and polyphenols. which can help reducing inflammation.
  • Turmeric:- As per a study in Alternative Medicine Review, it is stated that turmeric plays a vital role in relieving pain in arthritis and helps to restore mobility.
  • Garlic;- According to research done by Kings College London, garlic consumption can lower the risk of developing arthritis altogether.


  • Wholegrain bread:- Whole grain can reduce the level of CRP – c reactive proteins, which are a marker of inflammation in our body. These plasma proteins rise in the blood due to inflammation in the body.

There is a whole lot of foods available in nature, that not only can help in relieving arthritic pains but can boost energy levels for leading a healthy disease-free life.

Wishing all to be in a healthy state.

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