Sleeping too much may be bad for health.

sleeping girl

As per recent studies, too much of sleep has been linked to greater chances of getting sick.

Sleeping just two hours more than the recommended six to eight hours has been associated with an increase in chances of getting strokes or heart failure up to 41% as per researchers team led by Chuangshi wang.

Sleeping more than six hours at night and napping during the day time has been linked to an increase in chances of Cardiovascular disease, diabetes and increased risk of death.

One should ensure six to eight hours of sleep every day.

The amount of sleep, one needs, varies during different phases of life. It depends upon age and activity level. It also depends on general health and lifestyle habits. During periods of stress and illness, one may need an increased sleeping time.

If someone is sleeping for more than nine hours a day regularly, then a health check may be required.

Wishing all to be in good state of health.

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