Unhealthy diet – A major cause of premature death than tobacco.

Unhealthy diet – A major cause of premature death than tobacco.

An unhealthy diet is a major cause of premature deaths than tobacco, high blood pressure or any other health risk as per a study published in Lancet.

Heart attack and stroke are the major diet-related causes of death, followed by diabetes and cancer.

In India, less intake of whole grain is the leading risk factor for death and disability.

Leading dietary risk factors for mortality are diets rich in Sodium, low in the whole grains, low in fruit, low in nuts and seeds, low in vegetables and low in omega-3 fatty acids each accounting app 2% of global deaths. A study suggests promoting a healthy diet and discouraging the consumption of unhealthy diet as sweetened beverages and junk food rich in sodium and trans fats.

Stop fast food


Few  Global Facts:-

  • Poor diet is linked to app. 10.9 million deaths.
  • App. 9.5 million deaths from cardiovascular diseases.
  • App. 913090 deaths from cancer.
  • App. 338714 deaths from diabetes.

The study found that eating and drinking better can prevent one in five deaths around the world.



Wishing all to be in a healthy state by eating healthy and avoiding unhealthy foods.

(For awareness purpose only).

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