Vitamin – C may help in lowering sugar and blood pressure levels in diabetes.

Vitamin – C may help in lowering sugar and blood pressure levels in diabetes.

The research published in the journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism found that vitamin- C consumption lowered blood pressure in type-2 diabetic patients, thus benefiting heart health also.



Associate professor, Glenn Wadley from Deakin University in Australia stated that:-

“We found that participants had a significant 36% drop in blood sugar spike after meals. this also meant that they spent almost 3 hours less per day living in a state of hyperglycemia this is extremely positive news as hyperglycemia is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease in people living with type-2 diabetes”

It is thought that damage to body cells and tissues are caused by free radicals, which may lead to type-2 diabetes.

It was further stated that ” Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties can help counteract the high levels of free radicals found in people with diabetes”.

The other ways to reduce damage from free radicals is quitting smoking and limiting alcohol intake.

Type – 2 diabetes can also be managed by making small changes such as healthy eating and regular exercise.

Most diabetic patients may need oral medications or injectables for controlling their sugar levels.

Healthcare advisor must be consulted.

Wishing all to be in a healthy state.

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