What is Hepatitis- C?

What is Hepatitis- C?

Hepatitis- C is a Liver disease. It is caused by infection due to viruses called (HCV). The virus attacks the liver and leads to its inflammation. HCV virus infection remains hidden without the appearance of major symptoms. Symptoms appear after decades of infection when the disease becomes chronic. And the liver becomes cirrhotic. Which is called cirrhosis of the liver. Which later on may get converted into liver cancer. HCV is the major cause of Liver cancer.

What is Hepatitis C?
What is hepatitis-C?
What is Hepatitis- C

Hepatitis -C infection can be mild or chronic depending upon the severity of the infection. The infection can cause mild illness lasting for a few weeks to chronic illness lasting lifelong. Hepatitis- C remains undetected and untreated due to a lack of symptoms.

Liver and its functions.

The liver is the largest organ of the body situated under the ribcage on the right-hand side. The liver performs many functions in the body. For more details about – How to care for your liver? <<=Please click. A few of the main functions are:-

Liver helps in converting food we eat in to energy for building of cells and tissues in our body.

It dexify all the poisonous chemicals that enter in our body in the form of medicines, alchohol, pollutants, drugs etc.

It is the store house of vitamins, fats, minerals etc. And fulfills their need, whereever required in the body.

Liver produces bile juice- a digestive juice, that break down fats in to simpler form. Which is absorbed by body to perform different functions.

Liver produces hormones that regulate sexual desire and functions.

Liver is engaged in various activities. The energy it creates warms the blood and helps maintaining body temperature.

Hepatitis – C Risk Factors:-

Approximately 30% of the infected persons get rid of viruses within 6 months of infection. However in-app. 70% of persons’ infection becomes chronic. 15% to 30% of chronic patients have a risk of liver cirrhosis in the next 20 years. Which may, later on, get converted to Liver cancer.

Global presense:-

Globally there are an estimated 71 million people which suffer from chronic Hepatitis – C. It causes app. 3.99.000 deaths every year all over the world. In India, more than one million cases are reported every year.

How Hepatis -C spreads?

The hepatitis-C virus spreads through blood. The common-mode transmission of infections are:-

Hepatitis- C can spread by sharing of needles.
Hepatitis- C can spread by sharing needles.
Unsterile tattoo or barber equipment may spread Hepatitis-C
Unsterile tattoo or barber equipment may spread Hepatitis-C
Unsterile operating equipments can spread Hepatitis-C
Unsterile operating equipment can spread Hepatitis-C
  • Sharing of needles.
  • Unsterile tattoo/barber equipment.
  • Unsterile operating equipment.
  • Unscreened blood transfusion.
  • By mother to baby by pregnancy, labor, or nursing.
  • Can be transmitted sexually.
Unscreened blood transfusion may spread HCV
An unscreened blood transfusion may spread HCV
Hepatitis-C may spread to babies by pregnancy, labor, or nursing.
It may spread to babies by pregnancy, labor, or nursing.

HCV does not spread through breast milk, food, water, air, physical contacts like hugging, kissing, or sharing of food or drinks with an infected person.

Is Hepatitis- C curable ?

Hepatitis C is curable with the latest oral antiviral drugs, which have fewer side effects than previous injectable therapies. More than half of the patients remain undetected and untreated due to a lack of symptoms. Symptoms usually take decades to appear. By the time symptoms appear, the disease has progressed to the point where cirrhosis of the liver occurs. which results in further health complications.

Ayurvedic approach.

While no long-term studies have been done so far, in the treatment of Hepatitis- C, and Ayurveda. Ayurveda offers a total approach to supporting and treating people with hepatitis. The ancient books describing Ayurvedic treatment describe the importance of various herbs and treatments to improve the health of patients with liver disease.

Please consult your healthcare provider for treatment.

Wishing all to be in a healthy state.

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