started to create awareness to prevent repeated hospitalization

Mansi Bhalla’s family members started Maansi Survival Aid Foundation. They watched her spirit against the disease and stood by her at every step. From 2011 to 2018, she was hospitalized multiple times. During her hospitalization, her family observed closely the families of other patients and came across many who had discontinued treatment due to a lack of resources. They saw people depressed, lost, and bankrupt due to the number of expenses born in the treatment of a critically ill patient. They saw people yelling in pain as they sold off their properties and spent lakhs and lakhs of rupees but could see no recovery in the health of their patients.

Started to Serving ailing humanity.

After the departure of Mansi Bhalla, we started Maansi Survival Aid Foundation to serve ailing humanity as we tend to continue the “WILL” with which she faced a hard time. We at “Maansi Survival Aid Foundation”, believe that the lack of resources should not be the reason for a human being to be denied treatment. Maansi Survival Aid Foundation is determined to support the families of critically ill patients by helping them with knowledge and by raising funds for them to pay the hefty bills of the treatment.

We started Maansi Survival Aid Foundation to create awareness of health and fitness by publishing our blogs and videos to promote healthy living and Ayurveda.

serving ailing humanity

We want to invite each individual who has seen a loved one critically ill to come and join hands with us to serve ailing humanity. As it’s not about the good times when you need to support the most; it is the bad and rough waves of life where extra hands and shoulders matter the most. Please help us creating awareness for health and fitness by liking, sharing, and subscribing to our blogs, as it may help someone struggling with the disease for want of awareness.

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