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Overcoming – Depression Naturally.

Overcoming depression naturally.

Food Changes Mood. Depression can be overcome naturally, by making changes in behavior, physical activities, and eating habits. Adopting diets rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Zinc, Folates, etc. can help in overcoming depression. We usually make changes in our diets to reduce weight,  blood sugar, and arteries clogging cholesterol levels. But do not pay attention to the most complex and energy-consuming organ of the body – the brain. What is Depression? […]

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Caring – For your Heart.

Caring For Your Heart

Caring for your heart includes making small changes in lifestyle and avoiding risk factors to improve heart health. The heart is a muscular organ, situated behind and slightly left to the breast bone. The heart pumps blood through the network of arteries and veins, which are collectively called the cardiovascular system. The group of disorders in the cardiovascular system like hypertension ( high blood pressure), coronary heart disease ( heart attack), cerebrovascular disease( stroke) are […]

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Obesity- Risk factor for Cancer.

Obesity- risk factor for cancer

Obesity is a risk factor for cancer. Research shows that excess body fat in obese people may increase cancer risk. Experts believe that it is mostly due to inflammation caused by visceral fat- fat that surrounds the body vital organs. Cancer is caused by abnormal cell division, damaging cells around them, and causing illness. The more the cells divide and reproduce, the higher the risk of tumor formation. What experts say:- As per KarenBasen-Engquist Ph.D. […]

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Obesity- Increases risk during Covid-19.

Obesity- Increases risk during Covid-19.

Obesity increases risk during Covid-19. Obesity has gained the form of a global pandemic. As per W.H.O., There were 650 million obese people, out of 1.9 billion overweight people in 2016. A few reasons for the increase in obese people are Increased consumption of unhealthy and processed food and less physical activities. Further, under restricted conditions due to Covid-19, such as work from home, the closing of the gym, reduced physical activities have increased obesity […]

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Cholesterol : Good or Bad ?


Cholesterol is a waxy fat-like substance produced in the liver and is a component of all body cells. The body naturally makes all cholesterol it needs to make cell membranes, hormones, Vitamin-D, and digestive juices, etc. Cholesterol is needed for different biological activities. Diet rich in fat and sugar plays, a major role in the alleviation of cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is also found in egg yolk, meat, and cheese. Obesity and heavy drinking can also […]

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